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Revolve Capital (“RC”) is a privately held real estate investment firm located in Anaheim, CA. We specialize in the acquisition, management, and sale of non-performing and re-performing mortgage notes across the United States. Since 2007, our management team has been at the forefront of the U.S. mortgage market downfall. Between 2010 through 2018, RC’s management team purchased, managed, and sold over 7,500 single family homes and nearly one billion in total debt.

We have experience in many facets of real estate including residential, commercial, multi-family, hard money loans, servicing, foreclosure, bankruptcy, rental, fix/flip, and other alternative real estate investments. RC executives and board members form a unique team of accomplished professionals from an array of different backgrounds. Including Digital Media Advertising, mergers/acquisitions, IPO, accounting, Triathletes, and life-long entrepreneurs.

Many owners and holders of severely delinquent loans, such as Tier 1 banks, expanded their loss mitigation capabilities over the past several years, and the internal efficiency on managing these loans continues to decline making the sale of these loans out into the secondary market an attractive strategy for these sellers. Larger transactions are often conducted on a negotiated basis with major investment banks acting as dealers and reselling the loans to mid-size companies for a spread. The banks and other institutional sellers also place loan portfolios for sale through an advisory or auction process.

However, many smaller investors are unable to acquire product directly from these institutional sellers, either in a negotiated sale or by bidding at an auction, because they cannot meet the stringent buyer qualification requirements of the seller, such as demonstrable financial strength, proof of funds and infrastructure necessary to manage a multi-state portfolio of notes. Furthermore, smaller investors are uninterested in acquiring large portfolios along a broad spectrum of loan characteristics and geographic locations, preferring to focus on specific types of loans (i.e., nonperforming, sub-performing, re-performing, occupied, vacant) or within certain states or markets.  Conversely, many institutional sellers are less inclined to work with buyers interested only in small portfolios with specific criteria.

RC, continues to foster and build strong relationships with Tier 1 banks, GSE’s, Institutional Sellers to build the proper bridge allowing the everyday investor to get into the business of buying, owning, and managing their own real estate portfolio from the comfort of their home or office. We show you the step by step approach of buying, owning and managing notes to accomplish your overall strategy. Over the last decade, our management team has developed one of the largest followings to purchase short or long-term residential note opportunities. Whether an investor is seeking a long-term strategy (Cash Flow) or short-term strategy (Quick Flip), our team has assisted over 10,000 individual investors grow their portfolio from owning one note/property to owning thousands in their portfolio. No amount is too small to invest with Revolve Capital. Many of our clients/note buyers, are buying “1-5 notes (monthly)” or buying as many as “50-100” monthly and growing. We encourage you to check out our platform and take the step forward to your future!

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