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The Science of Social Media: How to Market Your Real Estate Investments Online

One of the most rewarding moments in the world of real estate investing is when our clients sell their investments and finally see their capital grow. In the past, investors often belonged to groups that met on a regular basis and allowed members to announce their investment opportunities. There were also fax lists that allowed investors to fax deals out to potential buyers who then contacted them back if interested. While each of these tools (and many others) still exist in some iteration today, announcing an investment opportunity for sale has never been easier than now thanks to the wonderful world of social media.

By utilizing various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram, real estate investors can speak to a huge audience of interested buyers simply by typing a few words and hitting publish. While any real estate investor can sell properties, the distressed mortgage note industry is a perfect opportunity to utilize social media accounts in order to sell quickly. Note investing offers opportunities to continually revolve your capital for larger ROI than traditional real estate investing.

If you are an investor looking to market your real estate investments online, here are some tips you may find useful:

How to Market Your Real Estate Investments Online

  1. Create separate accounts for your real estate investment business – While you can certainly post your notes for sale on your personal social media accounts, to increase exposure with serious potential purchasers we recommend creating separate accounts specifically for your note/real estate investment business. Include your business name and logo branded onto each account and secure the business equivalent account for each social media platform. In this way, you will establish the professional look/feel you want for your business and all info posted will pertain to real estate investments.
  2. Network with other note investors to build a large following – Once you establish your accounts, you will want to network with as many other real estate note investors as possible. The larger your following, the more exposure to potential clientele. Conferences, events, and seminars are places where experts and investors come together to connect and network. We frequently sponsor and speak at seminars, and if you are interested in attending an industry leading conference make sure to visit https://www.imn.org/real-estate/conference/NPL-Notes-Default-Servicing-East/ for the NPL Notes & Default Servicing Forum event in Fort Lauderdale, FL. B2B (Business to business) marketing is a mutually beneficial way to expand your reach to the clients of a business partner. By offering to market their business on your platform and visa-versa you can easily connect with potential clients in your specific industry. The larger the group of hungry investors you have following your accounts, the easier and more profitable your sales will be.
  3. Hire a marketing firm – Those looking to really take their social media marketing game to the next level may wish to hire a marketing firm to manage the accounts. A marketing firm can help with creating social media accounts, growing a targeting following of real estate note investors, posting regularly to engage followers, and even creating high quality graphics. This will allow the investor more time to focus on securing profitable investments.
  4. Utilize video/photo technology to your advantage – One major positive of using social media to market real estate investment notes is the ability to post quality video and photography. Photo and video are resourceful ways to create a “human” element to your properties. For example, when purchasing a note we provide our clients with the BPO which includes a photo of the property and neighborhood. By seeing a photo you can assess the condition of the home, no matter where the property is located.

Whether you are a new distressed real estate investor or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can easily market your real estate investments online. Utilizing the tips above can be the perfect way for you connect with new and willing buyers, increase exposure, and market your properties.
If you are a real estate investor and would like to receive information on how to receive assets for around 40-60% off market value, contact our trade desk to learn about distressed mortgage notes.

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