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The 1 Year Anniversary of Claudia Newcomer’s Passing

On October 8, 2019 the Revolve Team suffered a terrible loss. Today marks 1 year since the passing of our dear friend and partner, Claudia Newcomer. 
Chaz Guinn and Claudia Newcomer were both business partners and best friends, they had been working together for 11 years. 
Claudia was one of the most important factors in creating and building not only Revolve Capital, but several other private equity firms. She took on many roles to ensure smooth client and bank relationships, flawless transactions, she acted as both managerial and administrative positions. Claudia assisted Revolve in growing from $10M to $40M within a 12 month period. Revolve Capital would not be where it is without her contributions to this company. 
In her personal life she was a beloved person. She could befriend anyone in the room, she was kind hearted and fun. Her smile glowed and she is always remembered by her positivity. Claudia was extremely driven and motivated. Our thoughts continue to be with her husband of 19 years Robert Newcomer, her parents, and her sister.
Everything we do, we do in her memory and our successes are in her name. We miss you Claud…
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