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Take Us for a Spin – Grow Your Distressed Mortgage Portfolio

Key Services to Help Grow Your Distressed Mortgage Portfolio

Revolve Capital is committed to providing a simplified purchasing experience to our investors. We offer the following key services that allow you to make the best decisions for your investments when growing your own distressed mortgage portfolio.

Bank Direct Assets – We have direct access to purchase loans that we acquire from Tier 1 Banks.

Access to National Vendors – Our well-seasoned real estate investors can successfully manage their nation-wide portfolios from the comfort of their home or office by utilizing our wide range of vendors.

Completed Due Diligence – We include due diligence documents for each loan, at no cost to you.

Our objective is to assist in the success of your distressed mortgage portfolio. The details are what sets us apart from the competition… when it comes to who you choose to invest with, your resources will be best optimized when choosing a company that continuously maintains a strong network of Top Tier banks, national vendors, and stays current on loan due-diligence.

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