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Helping distressed families stay in their homes

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Family First,


As the owner of the mortgage note, we recognize the position we are in can affect families, communities, the economy, and our future generations. For that reason, we dedicate a department toward homeowner outreach. We work with homeowners to get back on track by renegotiating the terms of their mortgage, that we own. Whenever possible, we choose families first.
Loss Mitigation

It's a Win-win Opportunity.

In 2019 there were nearly 500,000 national foreclosures, that’s nearly half a million families displaced. Foreclosures impact all of us, the economy, property values, our communities, even children, and their future success.

At Revolve Capital, we purchase pre-foreclosed homes and focus on working with the homeowner to get them back on track. We understand things happen and life can be unexpected. Our loss-mitigation team will do everything in their power to renegotiate the terms of the mortgage with the homeowner. Converting the “Non-Performing Loan” into a “Re-Performing Loan”, keeps the family in their home, while creating a profitable passive revenue stream. 


Loss Mitigation

Our loss mitigation team offers forbearance and loan modification opportunities to assist homeowners in getting current with their delinquent home loans.
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Helping the housing crisis, with a hands-on approach.

Our team has completed over $1 billion in real estate transactions.

We are actively pursuing opportunities to purchase note pools from banks and note investors. If you represent a financial institution or are looking to sell your own note pool, please click the link below to contact us.

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