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Revolve Capital to be Title Sponsors of the Noteworthy Investor Summit 2020

13th Annual NoteWorthy Investor Summit

Revolve Capital is proud to be Title Sponsor of the Noteworthy Investor Summit 2020.

“Regardless of which state you traveled in from, we’ve all come for the exact same reason – to grow our passive income. Over the course of the next three days, you’ll definitely LEARN how to do just that.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rookie looking to complete your first deal, or a seasoned note investor looking to take your portfolio to the next level, you’ll learn lots of valuable information that will ultimately lead you to SUCCEED and profit…passive profits.

But here’s the most important part of the formula…you have to CONNECT.

Walt Disney said it best, “The way to get started, is to quit talking and begin doing.”

That’s what the Summit is all about. We’re not going to wait until we get home on Monday to get started or take that next step. We’re going to CONNECT today! We’re going to make some key connections and meet the right people…and see results while we’re here. Whether you’re brokering, buying, creating or selling notes, you’re in the right place. The Place for Passive Income.

Summit attendees will learn information surrounding how to make their portfolios profitable; including, learning the 5 profit pillars of note investing.

Chaz Guinn and Jason Kurtz of Revolve Capital will be speaking at the event.

Event Highlights – Day 01, Thursday February 27th

7:30 am 

Registration & Breakfast

2:30 pm 

Chaz Guinn and Jason Kurtz will be discussing Portfolio Management & Disposition of RPLs/NPLs

Chaz Guinn  – “Chaz Guinn is the President and Managing Director of Revolve Capital “Revolve”. Chaz, specializes in 1st lien NPL/RPL whole loan trading, and has built a track record of structuring, negotiating, and executing some of the largest trades in the lower-valued market segment.

Over the past decade, Chaz established whole loan trading desks for two large private equity firms in the U.S. that managed well over a billion dollars in delinquent loans. Chaz has been focused on building lasting relationships with Wall Street, Investment Banks, GSE’s, large real estate funds, qualified national vendors and servicers to allow Revolve Capital to become a household name.

Chaz and his partners decided to form Revolve Capital, whose primary objective is to be a market leader in the lower-valued asset-class and provide solutions to both the banking sector, distressed homeowners, private investors, and local communities that have been affected by the financial downturn in the housing market. Our focus is centered on loans secured by properties with market values of less than $150,000.

Chaz is positioning Revolve to be one of the largest private real estate groups acquiring non-performing/re-performing debt. Combining his education in Finance and Economics with the practical management of supply and demand, Revolve made a conscious strategy to allow other private investors, real estate funds, family offices, and non-profit organizations to participate in this recovery as well.”

Jason Kurtz – “After receiving his degree in Real Estate Finance from San Diego State University in 1996, Jason started his career in investment real estate. Between 1996-2010, Jason purchased thousands of multi-family units across the country. He started in acquisitions for a privately-owned Apartment syndication group located in Irvine, CA who had over a billion dollars under management. Jason purchased over Five thousand multi-family units for this firm. His roles and responsibilities included deal origination, due diligence, acquisitions, market research, Debt and equity procurement, underwriting and investor relations. In 2004, Jason became the Director of Acquisitions for the Bethany Group. From 2004-2010, Jason would be responsible for the acquisition of twenty-two thousand apartments. Jason developed relationships with large REITS in over 15 state across rust belt and lead the acquisition of 67 different buildings. His roles would include raising over 400m in equity, procuring over 1.6 billion in First Trust deed financing and structuring and negotiating 450 million in Mezzanine Financing. Mr. Kurtz has experience in many different facets of real estate, including Hospitality, both in hotel acquisitions and franchise development, Fix and Flips, Rentals, Non-Performing and Re-Performing mortgages. Over the last ten years, Jason has spent significant time in loss mitigation, servicing, analytics, acquisitions, dispositions and trading of Non performing notes. Currently, Jason has been involved in over $350M in note acquisitions. Jason has spent over 23 years in the investment real estate arena. This experience and track record continue to play a key role in the growth and success of Revolve Capital.

We look forward to meeting and connecting to you at the event.

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