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Revolve Capital Offers Everyday Investors Access to Discounted Bank-Direct Properties

Individual investors can now enjoy the same investment opportunities as Wall Street firms with no middlemen.

IRVINE, Calif., July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Revolve Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in the acquisition, management, and selling of 1st lien distressed mortgages purchased directly from top tier 1 banks, is pleased to announce a modern, upbeat spin on real estate investing. The company has expanded its reach to individual, everyday investors who would not typically have previously considered distressed mortgages as an investment option.

According to CEO Chaz Guinn, this allows ordinary investors to take advantage of some exciting new opportunities:

“We are offering a truly modern approach to real estate investing,” says Guinn. “We purchase 1st lien position notes, backed by single-family homes throughout the U.S. in bulk – hundreds at a time- from major tier 1 banks and GSEs. Our approach allows us to purchase thousands of single-family homes at a discount to the market value of each property.”

Guinn adds that the company’s flexible investing approach provides multiple profitable exit strategies, actually providing more exit strategy options than all other investment plays, such as stocks, bonds, or startups.

“When we assume ownership of the note, we are now essentially the bank. We have the ability to modify the interest rate, payment amount, and amortization schedule. We can offer cash-for-keys to underwater borrowers and allow them to avoid foreclosure. We are able to foreclose and take possession of the home and begin converting each home into a rental or fix-n-flip opportunity; we can also accept a short-sale offer on the home.”

For anyone interested in gaining access to national investment opportunities, Revolve Capital offers a simple vetting and signup process by means of a 3-step form that takes less than five minutes to complete. The company also offers free beginner education, training clients on how to “become the bank.” Bi-monthly webinars are also available at no cost for information on market trends and industry secrets.

About the Company

Since 2008, Revolve Capital founder Chaz Guinn has built and developed multiple real estate investment firms that specialize in purchasing, managing, and selling 1st lien non-performing and re-performing mortgage debt, backed by single family homes. A market-maker in bringing institutional and Wall Street investments to main street investors, Guinn has acquired over $850M directly from tier 1 banks, investment banks, large real estate funds, GSEs and servicers.

Having structured, negotiated, and raised over $200M from private investors, Guinn is educating a new wave of investors coming into the market that traditionally have invested into fix and flips, rentals, stock market, commercial properties, multi-family, and senior housing assets.

Since its founding in 2018, Revolve has grown to over $100M in acquisitions and expanded operations to Irvine, CA, Dallas TX, New Jersey, and Tampa, FL.


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