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One Year Anniversary, First Year Totals and Highlights

One Year Anniversary

On behalf of Revolve Capital, we would like to thank our clients, friends, and colleagues in the industry for your continued support. This week marks the one year anniversary since the start of our company.

We are anticipating the ability to continue scaling our business with one another heading into our second year. We could not be here without each of our investors. Thank you for consistently choosing to invest with us.

Check out some of our first year totals and highlights below…

Revolve Capital: Year 1 Highlights
  • $42.1M Annual Cumulative Revenue
  • $27M Homes Under Management
  • Nearly 400 homes purchased
  • Projected to purchase 1000 total homes by 2020
  • Helped over 500 people avoid foreclosure
  • National sponsor of main corporate events
  • Re-stabilizing depreciating neighborhoods all over the country

We are excited and continue to be encouraged with our business together as we cross from year one into year two of Revolve Capital.

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