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Maximizing Your Fix-and-Flip Investments

Many of you are familiar with HGTV… fix-and-flips, or creating rentals. Many times, you’re looking at properties where you still have to find the arbitrage opportunity… you can see that the roof needs repair, maybe the lawn needs to be completely fixed up, or maybe the kitchen and certain rooms need to be fully renovated. You’re able to find opportunity since you’re able to keep costs low that you’re putting into the property, and finding real margins so that when you eventually sell the property you make a nice profit.

What if you were able to take all those same instances into account… but then bought the property for a 30 or 40% discount under market value. Then, were still able to add in all of those additional things you would normally do. Revolve-Capital.com is where we explain these types of topics and alternative investment strategies. We are looking forward to hearing more from you and working with you.

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