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July 2020 | Portfolio Opportunity Now Available (Non-performing, Late Stage, Early Stage Assets)

“Chaz Guinn w/ Revolve Capital. We’re coming to you here Tuesday, July 7th 2020. We just released a new portfolio to put out in front of you guys. It’s a mixture of non-performing, some late-stage and some early stage. Some of the discussions we’re having with these borrowers are active pay plans where the borrower is showing us interest or verifying the income, the employment, things of that nature which allow you to eventually have a stable cash-flowing asset. Some of these deals are in the late stage of the foreclosure where they’re nearly going to be REO’s, where they’re at almost the sale date period. We put this out in front of you and we’ll keep this live the next couple of weeks. We ask that you make your offers immediately as offers are starting to roll in now. If you have questions on a particular deal, please include your loan ID and email the tradedesk@revolve-capital.com and one of our associates will get right back with you. We look forward to trading with you guys and staying busy as we really start to ramp up in Q3. Talk to you all soon.”

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