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Non-Performing, Re-Performing, and Single One-Off Assets

Hey everyone, Chaz Guinn with Revolve Capital.

We’re really starting to ramp up here in Q3 of 2020. www.Revolve-Capital.com right on our home page, under Buyer Application at the top is where you’re going to get signed up with us.

We’re showing out monthly offerings containing of both non-performing mortgages, re-performing mortgages, we’re also selling single one-off assets.

For many of you that have never even heard of a mortgage note that has gone delinquent and want to get into this space, but you couldn’t go directly to a major bank to buy a one-off. So there has to be some sort of bridge between a major Tier 1 bank and you as mainstream.

Come in and get signed up, Revolve-Capital.com, we are looking forward to start trading with you.

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