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At Revolve Capital, you have the opportunity to invest in low-risk bank notes backed by real estate. Gain instant access to our national inventory with just a few clicks. Signup is free, get started today.
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The Industry's Best Kept Secret

At Revolve Capital, you have the opportunity to invest in low-risk bank notes backed by real estate. Our experienced team and trusted vendor network provide investment opportunities with up to 20-40% ROI. 

Traditionally, the “everyday investor” did not have the opportunity to purchase one-off bank notes – but now you have the chance to capitalize on the same investment strategies as banks and major financial institutions.

Diversify Your Investments

Your time is now, go beyond traditional real estate investing by purchasing the bank note. Maximize your ROI with pre-foreclosed mortgages. Own real estate without the responsibilities of being the "landlord".
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National Inventory

We sell bank notes that have been purchased directly from the largest banks in the nation. We provide you with the highest quality assets available, on a consistent basis. Get into an asset class that has a solid runway of product for years to come.
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Attention to Detail

We run multiple BPOs to evaluate the true value of each property we sell. Detailed due diligence documentation is provided at no cost to you, giving you 20/20 vision with your inestments.
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Let Your Money
Work For You

Tie up your capital with the right team. Our proven track record continues to produce double-digit returns year-over-year.

What type of investor are you?

Investment Opportunities

We offer 3 main types of investment properties, from fix n' flip plays to long-term passive cash flow.


Non Performing

  • You are the bank
  • Active investment
  • Lowest price point 
  • Backed by a bank note
  • Convert to RPL / REO
  • Available nationally 


Real Estate Owned

  • You are the homeowner
  • Discount pricing
  • Fix n' flip
  • Move-in ready
  • Sell property as-is
  • Limited availability

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