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Diving Into Distressed Notes with Chaz Guinn and Frank Catania

Frank Catania, Asset Manager, sits down with Chaz Guinn, CEO and Managing Partner of Revolve Capital, to discuss the current economic climate of distressed notes, what we can expect from upcoming portfolios, the difference between Legal Balance vs Unpaid Balance, and more…


00:00 – Upcoming Portfolio – Higher-valued assets

01:16 – Legal Balance vs Unpaid Balance – Equity, Last Paid Date, Tax Sale

03:25 – Influx of New York Assets – Judicial State, Higher Potential ROI, Hot Market Post-COVID, Less Risk

07:04 – Culture at Revolve Capital – Prioritizing Team Collaboration/Communication and Building Long-Term Partnerships

10:41 – Economic Climate of Distressed Notes – Focusing on Higher-Valued Assets, Working Intimately with our Vendors/Servicer’s, Under Market Value Seller

13:50 – Completing Due Diligence – Building Infrastructure and a Vendor Team, Understanding the Market, Learning to Read Values, Taxes, Valuation

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