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Chaz Guinn

Over $1.1B in real estate transactions since 2010.
Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Chaz Guinn

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Chaz Guinn is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Revolve Capital. Since 2008, Chaz has built and developed multiple real estate investment firms that specialize in purchasing, managing, and selling 1st lien Non-Performing and Re-Performing mortgage debt, backed by single-family homes. Having acquired over $1.1B directly from Tier 1 banks, Investment Banks, Large Real Estate Funds, GSE’s, and Servicers, Chaz is a market-maker in bringing Institutional and Wall Street investments to main street investors.

Chaz has structured, negotiated, and raised over $250M from high-net-worth Accredited investors, family offices, and financial institutions. Chaz is educating a new wave of capital, coming into the market that traditionally invested into fix and flips, rentals, the stock market, commercial properties, multi-family, hospitality, and senior housing. Combining his education in both Finance and Economics, creating long-term cash-flow and rental properties through the acquisition of mortgage debt has been the mission driving the growth of Revolve Capital. Since 2018, Revolve has acquired over $125M in real estate and expanded operations to from Irvine, CA to Dallas, TX, and Tampa, FL.

Chaz earned a B.S. in Finance from Montana State University. After earning All-American Honors as Junior College Wide Receiver, Chaz became an All Big-Sky Wide Receiver at Montana State University from 2004 to 2006. He remains involved with alumni events, donations, and advancing the MSU Program forward.

In 2021, Chaz moved to Dallas, TX, with his family, wife Jamie, their two young boys, Zane and Zyan, and dogs.

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